Cork Panels


Cork Panels production utilises only the small branches in manufacture of cork granules. This technology includes injecting water vapour through pellets (100% natural) that expand and agglomerate with the resin of the cork itself. This "cooking" also gives the resulting cork a dark (chocolate) color. During production of the steam, we use biomass, which is obtained in milling and cleaning the cork branches, and that’s what makes it a pure ecological production and with zero waste.

Cork as a super-material, offers a huge range of advantages, because in addition to being an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator with antivibration effect, it also serves as as CO2 sink, playing a key role in the environment.

Design on Panels

Generative design algorithms, inspired by nature mathematics and geometry through advanced digital fabrication processes allow a wide range of patterns and looks.

This creative way optimizes cork’s thermal and acoustic properties, but also adds artistic value to traditional walls. This makes any wall a functional piece of decor in any space!

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