Wall Paper/Fabrics - biobased, circular

Cork fabrics (cork leather) is made of the best quality cork shavings removed from the bark of the cork oak tree and transformed into very thin sheets that are laminated to a backing support. In case it is backed by a standard wallpaper, it becomes a Cork Wallpaper.


Cork wall and ceiling coverings are a naturally decorative alternative to traditional coverings. They are available in a wide variety of unique patterns and shades to compliment any room decor or furniture style. Along with being decorative, their functional aspect allows to block the sound, insulate and cover from rough/hard surfaces, creates privacy in most stylish and effective way.

Cork Units

Small units reinvent the way we deal with nature and the space we live in. It is a natural solution that can be used again and again, adopting different functions while providing improved indoor climate and sound isolation. Always mobile, reshapable, light and ignites creativity and possibilities in your space.


A high-quality ecological non-polluting covering based on natural micronized natural cork dispersed in water- emulsified resins developed especially for insulation and soundproofing. Highly elastic and flexible and very hard-wearing, it is ideal for the cladding and protection of facades, retaining walls, warehouse roofs, thermal bridge breaks, improving thermal and sound insulation, breathability, getting rid of condensation, etc. A solution for every need.

Furniture &

We offer a constantly growing range of sustainable contemporary furniture. All items made of cork, designed to add a creative twist to any space, be it a house, office or public location. Original and innovative pieces will instantly improve the surrounding environment and add a touch of beautiful nature to it.